Cogges Farm Manor House
Heritage Trust

a registered and independent charity

About us

Cogges Heritage Trust is a registered and independent charity. The Trust receives no regular government or public funding but relies on the income it can generate, grants it can secure and the generous donations of people who want to ensure Cogges is preserved and accessible for the enjoyment of the local community and visitors from further afield.

Charitable objects

•    To preserve, protect, develop and improve the archaeological, historical, architectural and environmental heritage of the site of Cogges Manor Farm and associated land for the benefit of the people of the County of Oxfordshire and the wider members of the public.
•    To advance the education of the public in an understanding of rural heritage and contemporary and future farming and food production, including but not exclusively by:
(a) The establishment and operation of a facility to be open to members of the public
(b) Interpreting the rural history of the site.
•    Such other charitable purposes beneficial to the public consistent with the objects above as the Trustees in their absolute discretion determine.


To protect Cogges Manor Farm, now and in the future, for everyone’s benefit.

Strategic aims:
•    To be a place whose past is recorded, understood, valued and enjoyed by everyone who visits
•    To make a positive contribution to all its communities
•    To protect and enhance our natural environment and buildings
•    To be a place where people can relax, participate, learn new things and have fun.

Cogges Heritage Trust, a registered charity (no: 1141906), was set up in 2011. The site was then owned by Oxfordshire County Council who initially provided funding to set up the new Trust and to enable Cogges to open to the public. In 2020, the Trust acquired the freehold to the site and alongside it, the responsibility for the upkeep of the buildings and land. The Trust receives no ongoing revenue funding and must be entirely self-financing.  

In addition to income from visitors and events, weddings and activities, Cogges is also dependent on donations, of both time and money. This means we can keep the lights on and the animals fed, offer more for your visit and provide a great team of volunteers.
The Trust contributes to Cogges by providing experience and expertise, as well as working on long term improvements, projects and fundraising initiatives to fund developmental learning programmes and refurbishment projects.
The Board of Trustees is made up of people representing different communities and offering a broad range of skills.

To contact the Trust please email Paul Evans, Chair of Trustees at

You can help the Trust to care for this remarkable ancient farmstead and to develop new and inspiring ways for people to enjoy and learn about West Oxfordshire’s rural heritage, farming and food production. Your gift, however given, can make a real difference.