Thank you, Jonathan G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time)

The time has come to say a sad farewell to Jonathan, Cogges’ much-loved Pygmy goat, and to remember and celebrate his life. Farm Manager, Kirsty Grey, shares her memories and the story of Jonathan (who quite the character!) and his many fans…

Jonathan joined Cogges alongside his other goat companions Timmy and Louis in 2012, who were initially on loan from Foxbury Farm, Brize Norton. Through fundraising and generous donations, the Trust was able to purchase the three goats the following year. The trio soon became popular, Jonathan especially due to his bossy character and urge to eat everything on offer; this often left poor Timmy and Louis feeling left out, but there was little we could do other than hope that they learn to stand up for themselves!

Jonathan, Timmy and Louis
Timmy, Jonathan and Louis - photos above and top by Cereta Drewett ​​​​​

Jonathan brought happiness to many in the early days, being taken for walks, enjoying a good groom and feeding from the hands of visitors and children. He quickly learnt to recognize a pot of veg, and more recently the stripy pellet bags from the welcome desk. Over his years with us, he has helped to bring a valuable income to the farm by simply doing something he loved. 

Jonathan was also the most well-behaved goat to have on a lead, and because of this he was often the star of many Cogges wedding photos. Of course, he enjoyed this because there was a chance of eating a bouquet! If a bride decided to defend her bouquet, this was not always a wise idea as he would simply jump up and leave streaks of mud down her dress.

Jonathan with bride and groom at Cogges
"Jonathan played a starring role in our Cogges wedding in 2017! What a legend." Thanks to Ellie Whitehouse


Jonathan was also known for his Christmas appearances, posing in his festive reindeer headband. As Cogges’ ‘poster-goat’, he has starred in many newspaper and magazine articles, social media posts and I should imagine hundreds of visitor photos.

Jonathan goat in reindeer headband
Santa's litte helpers


For the last three years Jonathan, Timmy and Louis have enjoyed a slightly quieter life being relocated from the paddock in front of the Manor to the larger paddocks out in the field. They have enjoyed more space, a bigger house and of course a sneaky escape now and then.

Sadly, on Monday 22nd April Jonathan became suddenly unwell with breathing difficulties. After a thorough veterinary examination it was discovered this may have been linked to a heart condition, so sadly the decision had to be made to put him to sleep, and prevent any further suffering. This of course has caused great confusion and sadness to Timmy and Louis, who saw Jonathan as their leader. Louis and Timmy would certainly appreciate a little more fuss in the coming weeks as they adjust to life without Jonathan, so please do go and visit them.

It is a time of sadness, but we all have fond memories that will stay with us, and we should be happy knowing that he enjoyed a wonderful 12 years at Cogges.


Jonathan was loved by all. If you would like to share your photos and memories of Jonathan, you can post / tag us on our socials (Facebook X, Instagram) #jonathanGOAT #cogges #coggesmanorfarm


Jonathan with volunteer Isobel
"RIP Jonathan. You were one of a kind. " Isabel, volunteer at Cogges


My daughter and I fell in love with Jonathan when he climbed onto the roof of the pig shed once and refused to get down regardless of what his human friend tried to do to lure him down (lol). He remained the reason for our continued season tickets for the rest of her childhood.

Kate Southey