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How to use and maintain an Austrian Scythe - FULLY BOOKED

This one day course is designed to introduce you to using and looking after an Austrian scythe. The course is suitable for a range of experience levels, from complete beginners to those who have been using a scythe but feel that it could be working better for them.

The structure of the day will be as follows:

  • Introduction and familiarisation
  • Setting up an Austrian scythe
  • Movement and technique
  • Mowing practice
  • Sharpening in the field
  • Maintenance and peening the blade.

The scythe is a highly efficient tool and is regarded as the appropriate technology for a wide variety of situations, much wider than many would think, from meadows and reedbeds to allotments and lawns, in professional and amateur contexts. In addition to its efficiency, versatility, outstanding green credentials and the health benefits for both body and mind, the scythe is an extremely cost effective tool. Once set up with basic kit no further outlay is required, and maintenance is simple and enjoyable.

About the tutor

Nicole Clough is a Scythe Teacher and regional contact for the Scythe Association of Britain & Ireland

"I train because I'm passionate about everyone getting a good initial experience with scything. The scythe has had bad press over recent years, the main implications being that they are hard work, cause backache, and are less efficient than their machine equivalents. Yet the truth is quite the opposite. They are easy and a pleasure to use once the basic principles are understood; in fact many people fall in love with scything once they have tried it."

Course details

Please arrive in time for a 10am start. The course is expected to finish by 4.30pm.

There will be a break for lunch but you will need to bring your own food and beverages. Due to the nature of the training, the course will be held outside in the paddocks and meadow at Cogges, therefore please wear or bring suitable clothing, weather protection and footwear.


We have 6 places available on this course. The cost of the training is £70 per person. Bursaries are available to cover the course fee for those on low to no income. Email us to enquire: learning@cogges.org.uk

Most attendees prefer to purchase an Austrian scythe in advance to set up and learn on during the course. However, Nicole has a limited number of training scythes which can be borrowed, but this must be by prior arrangement, and an additional hire cost of £20 will apply.

Attendees need only the basic Austrian scythe set up, to include the following:

• Snath plus handles
• Blade (for grass and non-woody vegetation)
• Scythe ring
• Allen key
• 10mm spanner
• Sharpening stone (canoe)
• Stone sheath or suitable container to hold sharpening stone and water • Work gloves to use whilst sharpening

Recommended suppliers: http://www.thescytheshop.co.uk https://www.scythecymru.co.uk