Weaving workshops

Book now for;
Introduction to Yarnmaking, Spinning & Weaving   -  10.30am - 1.30pm  -   £45 pp                                                                       

March 2nd Friday                                                          

April 13th Friday

May 17th Thursday

July 20th Friday

September 21st Friday                                                                     


Full day of Weaving and make something special to take home - 10.30am - 4pm -    £75 pp

February 17TH Saturday                                                     

March 3rd Friday

April 14th Saturday

May 18th Friday

July 21st Saturday

September 22nd Saturday                                                                

Join our resident weaver Sue Tucker at Cogges and try your hand at the rural craft of spinning and weaving on a table loom. Workshops can be booked on a date that suits you, for a small group of friends or individually. Try an introductory session, or enquiries are welcome for a range of weaving workshops this season. 


"These sessions are aimed at enthusing and developing a taste for further exploration into the world of wool yarn making, spinning and weaving.  A weaving loom will be warped up ready for you to use during the time and a spinning wheel ready also. You do not have to bring anything at all and any materials can be purchased if you choose." -  Sue Tucker.
Introduction and coffee/biscuits; 
i) choosing a fleece fit for purpose, preparation of fleece. We won't be washing it today,  as there isn't time to dry but the process will be explained;
ii) Teasing and blending of colours on a carder using hand washed and dyed wool;
iii) Spinning one ply on a traditional spinning wheel then plying together to make yarn;
iv) Making a scarf warp on a frame ready to weave;
v)  Using a loom which has already been warped up ready to use. 
Contact Sue for dates, either as a group of friends or individually.
Morning sessions 10.30 - 1.30, over 16s. Small groups.
Advanced sessions available.
Prices start at £45 per person.  
For further details and workshop fee information, please contact suzannetucker36@hotmail.com.
Sue has bespoke hand-woven textiles on display and for sale in the Cogges shop and cafe. Her work is designed, woven and made in Ramsden from the wool of local rare breed sheep, reflecting the Cotswold countryside. Unique hand-woven scarves, cushions, rugs, wall-hangings and woven artwork, and other interior textiles using a traditional Harris floor loom.