Trust FAQs

We have had lots of wonderful and heartfelt feedback about Cogges since it closed in 2009 and we know many people love it as an important part of the community in Witney and further afield. Here are the answers to some of the questions we're regularly asked.

What is the Trust
It's a charity with a board of Trustees who are all volunteers and members of the Oxfordshire community.
Why has the Trust taken over Cogges from Oxfordshire County Council?
The County Council were finding Cogges too expensive to run.  The Trust, partly because of its charitable status, believes it can make the site self-sustaining.  It won't be easy, and it will require lots of help from everybody.  But with vision and determination, and working together,  we are confident it can work. 
Will the new Trust `lease’ Cogges and all its assets or is the Council handing over ownership?
The new Trust has a 30 year lease. Ownership will remain with the Council
Will the Council take back ownership of Cogges Manor Farm if the new Trust is not able to make a success of running Cogges?
Can the new Trust sell part or all of Cogges if they wish? Does the public have any say in this?
The new Trust cannot sell part or all of Cogges because the site is owned by Oxfordshire County Council
Is anyone other than the Trustees responsible for running and maintaining the site?
Oxfordshire County Council retains some responsibility for maintenance of the property. The operational management of the site rests with the Trustees.
I want to be kept up to date with all major changes. What should I do?
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