Schools and education programmes at Cogges - Beatrix Potter Easter Sessions

Schools programme for Easter at Cogges Manor Farm, with Beatrix Potter education for KS1 and KS2 school children in Oxfordshire

This Easter, we're bringing a new learning pogramme to Cogges for a limited time - our Manor House is being transformed by Mrs. McGregor to bring Beatrix Potter's Victorian life and environmental beliefs to life.  

Beatrix Potter was not just a great story teller she was also an environmentalist. Children will learn more about the world she created, with hands on activities such as, Mrs Tiggywinkles Laundry, Tom Kitten's making the bed, Jeremy Fisher's Wildlife Walk, Jemima Puddle Ducks egg search and Peter Rabbit's biscuit creation.

The children will interact with wildlife at Cogges, experience the work involved in a Victorian laundry and house, and create

This session is only available between the 30th of March and the 4th of April, so do get in touch if you'd like to bring your class.  Full details are on the pdf on this page, and you can email Laura, on to book or request further details.


Bringing Learning to life- Downloadable 2019 Education ProgrammeDownloadable General Leaflet for Schools

Cogges Learning Programme

We offer a range of exciting learning programmes led by our trained educational facilitators and volunteers. These programmes focus on the unique nature of Cogges and cover many areas of the National Curriculum including, literacy, history, geography, citizenship/PHSE, science and maths.




Old MacDonald – Story and Rhyme (Half Day)

Children take a tour of the site and learn about different farm animals. They hear and take part in stories and rhymes associated with the animals and their journey is tied together through the rhyme, Old MacDonald had a Farm.

£54 per group of up to 12 children (Maximum 5 groups). EYFS, KS1.


Little Red Hen and Farmyard Friends (Half Day)

Based on the story of Little Red Hen, children look at growing from a seed, grinding flour and baking bread.

£54 per group of up to 12 children (Maximum 5 groups). EYFS, KS1.


Jack and the Beanstalk (Half Day)

Based on the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, children look at growing from a seed, finding eggs, creating baked giant footprints and milking a model cow.

£54 per group of up to 12 children (Maximum 5 groups). EYFS, KS1.


Stick Day (Half Day)

Focusing on Stanley’s Stick or Stickman, children will be extremely creative - making shelters with sticks, learn about different sticks and create breadsticks to take home. 

£54 per group of up to 12 children (Maximum 5 groups). EYFS, KS1.



Enchanted Cogges (Full Day)

Based around the idea of ‘fairies’ at Cogges, this session looks at where ‘fairies’ might live, creating a creature that might live alongside fairies, planting a seed, creating environmental art and a fairy shelter.

£78 per group of up to 12 children (Maximum 5 groups). KS1.
Practical Maths (Full Day)

Measuring sticks, finding shapes throughout the farm, measuring ingredients and weighing animal feed are all practical ways that maths is used in everyday life.

£78 per group of up to 12 children (Maximum 5 groups). KS2.
Outside Adventures (Full Day)
This session will immerse children in outdoor learning, from building a shelter to cooking over a fire to how to have fun with sticks and create art in nature.
£78 per group of up to 12 children (Maximum 5 groups). KS1/2.
Farming for Food (Full Day)
Children will gain an understanding of the farming process, where their food is reared or grown and consider different produce that comes from the farm. Through hands-on activities, they will they will prepare a product, design the packaging and end the day with a final finished product which is market ready.
£78 per group of up to 12 children (Maximum 5 groups). KS2.

Time Travellers (Full Day)

This is a history based session. Pupils will discover what type of materials were used to make Saxon buildings, how the Victorians cooked, what they ate and where they got water from in this interactive programme. This programme can be tailored to focus more on the Victorian period or local history if required. Please ask on booking.

£78 per group of up to 12 children (Maximum 6 groups). KS1, KS2.


Wildlife and Growing (Full Day)

Children take a tour of the site and learn about the different habitats that animals occupy. They look at what plants need to grow by planting a seedling, studying pollinators, and making good quality compost to feed their plants.

£78 per group of up to 12 children (Maximum 6 groups). KS1, KS2.



Christmas through the ages at Cogges Manor Farm (EYFS, KS1 and KS2)
Bring your class or a whole year group to Cogges this Christmas. Be transported back in time and learn how Christmas was celebrated. Covering traditions that date back to the pagan winter solstice, Tudor Christmases, Victorian inventions and the World War ideals of ‘make do and mend’, this is a hands on Christmas adventure. Including a special Christmas surprise!

EYFS and KSI 10am to 12.30pm; £54 per group of 12 children.

KS2 10am to 2pm; £78 per group of 12 children.

Each group will have a facilitator provided, they will lead the group for the entire visit. Activities included will involve creating items to take away at the end of the visit.

Maximum per day is 60 children.


General Information

The education programme is open all year, although the site is closed to the public from November until the middle of March. There is a large free car park within a short, safe walk of the entrance to the site. Cogges is an enclosed site.
From March to November the Cafe onsite is open, at all other times you will need to ensure you bring your own refreshments.
During the open season the grounds are open to the public from 10.00am.
Risk assessments and the Trust’s Child Protection Policy are available upon request.


If you would like to book a session or arrange a free pre-visit please contact the Learning Manager Laura Dean on 01993 772602 or email
On booking you will receive confirmation and relevant pre-visit advice.


Cogges schools education programme was awarded an Investors in Education Award in 2013 by the Business Education Alliance, nominated by Marlborough School. 

"We were very impressed with our visit to Cogges Farm. It was very well organised, and beautifully resourced. Children were highly engaged, and enjoyed every bit - but particularly the natural art session. I don't know why we haven't been before!"

Francesca Jenkins, EYFS Coordinator St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Oxford

"It was a lovely trip, the children were wowed by how much they found out. The activities were engaging and exciting and we had lots of fun. Thank you to all the staff they were great and very helpful. We will definitely plan on coming back next year."

Sophie Monk, Wheatley CE Primary School