#MuseumWeek, from March 24th - 30th 2014

March 2014

Cogges will join museums and galleries from across the UK and Europe on Twitter later this month for the first ever #MuseumWeek, a project that will connect people to artwork, culture, history and science in new and interactive ways. 

Join in! 
#MuseumWeek is all about Fun.
Here are some ideas, we will add to as the week goes by. 
Monday 24th - Day 1 - A Day In The Life 
#DayInTheLife @CoggesWitney #MuseumWeek
Discover a taste of what goes on behind the scenes on the only day of the week closed to the public. 
Tuesday 25th - Day 2 - Test Your Knowledge
#MuseumMastermind @CoggesWitney #MuseumWeek 
Volunteer historian David at 11am - tweet @CoggesWitney your questions for him by Monday night!
Quizzes and win a free visitor pass prize.
Wednesday 26th - Day 3 - Your Story
#MuseumMemories @CoggesWitney #MuseumWeek 
Tweet us your memories, photographs and stories of Cogges. 
Thursday 27th  - Day 4 - Buildings And Backdrop
#BehindTheArt @CoggesWitney #MuseumWeek
Interesting facts and hidden nooks and crannies of the manor house and grounds.
Friday 28th - Day 5 - Ask The Expert
#AskTheCurator @CoggesWitney #MuseumWeek
If you have any questions about 1000 years of Cogges' past, tweet them to us @CoggesWitney and we will try to answer them on the 28th.
Saturday  29th - Day 6 - Cogges Selfies
#MuseumSelfies @CoggesWitney #MuseumWeek
Animal selfies, staff and volunteer selfies, visitor selfies! Visitors tweet their selfies around the grounds or tweet yours from home or out and about if you are thinking of Cogges!
Sunday 30th - Day 7 - Get Creative 
#GetCreative @CoggesWitney #MuseumWeek
Creative tweets relating to Cogges welcome! Tweet your poems, photos, drawings, responses to Cogges. How has Cogges inspired you!
Find out more about the project here and get tweeting! @CoggesWitney
About #MuseumWeek
#MuseumWeek will take place from Monday 24th March - Sunday 30th March and will give Twitter users direct and unparalleled access to some of Europe’s leading museums and the people behind them in 140-characters bursts. 
Cogges will join other UK organisations already signed up include the Science Museum (@sciencemuseum), the Natural History Museum (@NHM_London), the Victoria and Albert Museum (@V_and_A), the British Museum (@britishmuseum), Eureka! The National Children's Museum (@eurekamuseum) and the Tate (@Tate). 
Mar Dixon (@MarDixon), an expert in social media and museums and host of the @CultureThemes project, said: “Every day of the year museums and cultural institutions across the world are using Twitter in exciting and interesting ways to tell the stories of their collections to new audiences.  
“#MuseumWeek will shine a light on these activities, giving a real-time glimpse into the workings of museums across the UK and Europe, 140 characters at a time."