The walled garden at Cogges
Manor house lawn, walled garden, orchard, islands and moat, River Windrush walk.

Cogges has over 15 acres of naturally beautiful grounds to explore. 

The walled garden is maintained by volunteers for growing many varieties of garden vegetables, herbs and flowers and also used for workshops.

In summer and autumn you can take home fresh vegetables for donation.

Discover the many varieties of trained fruit trees and espalier / fan trained trees. The garden and orchard have many varieties from cooking or dessert apples such as Cox's Orange Pippin to Blenheim Orange, crab apples, pears, Morello Cherry, Victoria Plum, Moorpark Apricot and Quince. 

Play croquet on the manor house lawn in summer, and come along to see open air theatre in the evening.

Cogges excavated moat and islands is open for visitors to explore the natural habitat, with welly walks around the sheep fields by the banks of the river Windrush. See badger sets and walk around the fields along the river and say hello to the sheep.