Intermediate Photography Course

This is a series of 6 two hour workshops that will provide an opportunity to develop skills with the camera. In order to participate fully in this course you should already have an understanding of the ISO/speed/aperture triangle. You should also have a bridge or an SLR camera and be able to navigate the menu settings with or without the camera manual. A tripod will be essential for some sessions and an additional lens, flash unit and led torch would be useful. We will be working around the visitors to the farm.

Course leader Cereta will meet you in the meeting room in the house to discuss the session and ensure that everyone understands the aim. The group will meet up again at the end of each session for any questions that might arise. Cereta can also give advice on processing images through Lightroom or Photoshop.

WEEK 1: In this first session we will be photographing the interior and exterior structure of the buildings within Cogges to produce compositions that incorporate line, form, texture and colour.

Useful extra equipment: tripod, flash, torch.

WEEK 2 :This week we will be exploring how your chosen viewpoint from which you take your photograph has an impact on the composition.

WEEK 3: This week we will be changing the camera settings to capture movement or create images with movement in different ways. This will range from freeze frame, panning, zoom burst and ICM.

Useful equipment: tripod.

WEEK 4: Colour and texture will be the focus of this session as the garden in Cogges should be looking superb. Composition, focus points, depth of field and ICM are all techniques we can use to produce a creative image.

Useful equipment: tripod, telephoto lens eg 70-200mm, kneeling mat.

WEEK 5: In this session we will be setting up our own still life arrangement and learning what makes an interesting composition. Secondly we will be learning how to light the composition to create the atmosphere you want. I will be bringing along continuous lighting.

Essential equipment: tripod. Useful extra equipment: torch.

WEEK 6: In this last session you will pull all your learning together in order to produce a series of photographs that showcase/document Cogges. The choice of subjects for a series of 6 photographs will be down to you and we will discuss the different ways this can be done. I am looking into the possibility of exhibiting these images as a finale to the course.