Beginners Photography Course

This is a series of 6 two hour workshops that will cover the basics of photography taking inspiration from Cogges Manor Farm. The aim of the course is to encourage those new to the delights of photography or those who would like to turn off the auto setting on their camera.

WEEK 1: Learning what all those settings on your camera mean, speed or time, aperture and ISO and how to use them successfully. Using the viewfinder and selecting a focus point and getting a sharp image.

WEEK 2: We will be looking at composition and what makes a balanced composition using Cogges as a landscape subject. The benefits of using a tripod for landscape (I will have 3 tripods if you do not have one and cannot borrow one) and dealing with long exposures and depth of field.

WEEK 3: In this session we will be looking at close up photography using the garden for inspiration. Selecting a subject and concentrating on using the aperture to alter the depth of field. A tripod may be useful for this session too.

WEEK 4: This session will be on still life photography. We can use objects around the farm using natural lighting or set up our own still life in a barn. This will look at selecting objects, where to place the objects and the background. We will also learn how to use simple lighting.

WEEK 5: Portraiture on the move! Photographing a moving subject such as the chickens and ducks. If this proves too frustrating we can take portrait photographs of each other using the farm as a backdrop. How to use natural light to enhance the portrait.

Week 6: This session will be looking at how to enhance the subject of your photograph. We will incorporate what you have learned in the previous 5 weeks and present a series of 3 photographs.

It is assumed that participants will have the use of a bridge or DSLR camera which both allow settings to be set manually. A choice of lens would be good but not essential. It is also recommended that you bring along your camera handbook so that we can negotiate the camera’s menu system. Cereta is also happy to talk about processing images and, if time allows, she could add a demonstration in one of the sessions.