Can you find nine hedgehogs?

As real hedgehogs are looking for places to hibernate for winter, we've created a fun hedgehog trail for children to enjoy in October. Use the autumn leaf shaped clues to find nine hedgehog images hidden around Cogges.

Did you know the hedgehog is known as ‘the gardener’s friend’ as it will eat slugs, beetles, caterpillars etc., and does no harm, so if you have a garden a hedgehog is to be encouraged. Hedgehogs tend to hibernate between November and mid-March and may choose the stack of leaves or branches in your garden. For this reason, if you have to get rid of such material, move it to a different spot before setting fire to it; a hedgehog may be sheltering or hibernating in it. They like to nest under things (e.g. sheds, hedges and brushwood) and need plenty of dry leaves to build their nest.