New pre-school Woodland Club at Cogges

May 2018
The Cogges Woodland Club is a Forest School where pre-school children learn by playing and exploring their natural environment. This approach helps children become more independent and develops their social and physical skills. The activities are led by what the children are interested in and are not directed by the adults.
The sessions will be run by a trained Forest School leader, Mandy Warwick, working alongside the children’s carers.
What will we do?
The activities will take place in the wooded area of Cogges. During a session, the children will be able to:
  • Climb trees
  • Play in the mud
  • Build dens
  • Listen to stories around the fire, tell their own stories
  • Search for bugs, and other minibeasts
  • Make things from sticks
  • Cook simple snacks on the fire
  • ...and go wherever their imagination takes them……
The sessions
There will be six sessions in the summer term, starting at 10.30am and finishing 12.30pm. The cost for each participating child is £7, and £6 for the second child. Adults are £2 for entrance to the Cogges site, or grown-ups come free if they are a season ticket holder. We will take bookings for the whole six week term. Once the Woodland Club session is finished, you will be welcome to stay as long as you like at Cogges.
The six-week term will start 5th June 2018. If you're interesting in joining us next term, please email with any questions.